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Richard went to the local flower shop to get some pretty flowers for his friend. Cindy, the beautiful salesperson, was helping him. She had sexy thick legs, thighs and hips and a natural titties. She helped him pick out some flowers and said she would deliver them to him later. Soon after, she delivered the flowers. Richard wanted to give her a tip, but she only wanted his cock. It was not long until she revealed those natural titties and engulfed his face with them. Then, she bent over on the couch as he buried his cock on her wet twat. Then, she stuffed his dick down her throat and slobbered all over it. She begged for the cock in her pussy and she got rammed. She got her pussy pounded and hot man juice all over her pretty face.

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What a great evening it was when I picked up this beautiful lady and invited for a cup of tea! Mmm, I still can’t forget the warmth of her shaved pussy as my hard cock slid inside and moved there willing to reach the peek of pleasure! Her dark nips made me crazy and I cruelly fucked her wide open pussy hole. She jumps on my hard cock like crazy willing to take that pole even deeper and begged not to stop until the waves of my orgasm cover her body! I’m so very lucky having this horny chick in my place.

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